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First hospital in Queensland to use very latest and advanced Olympus endoscopy systems

Southside Endoscopy and Brisbane Endoscopy Services have recently upgraded their Endoscopy equipment to the very latest Olympus technology – the EVIS X1 Endoscopy Platform.

This equipment, the CV-1500 Processor is the newest technology available – only launching globally in April this 2021 – which aims to revolutionise the way gastrointestinal disorders are detected, characterised and treated.

We are the first hospital in Queensland to install and use this technology. Along with our the EVIS X1 Endoscopy Platform we have invested in a brand new fleet of the world’s best endoscopes – including specialty slim and ultra-slim designs as well as the newest Electro-Surgical Generator the Olympus ESG-300 for the safest and most effective diathermy interventional procedures. And to complete the image chain we have new 31” LED 4K Medical Monitors with which to view a sharper and clearer image of the GI tract.

We are committed at SEC and BES to innovation and embracing new advances that change the way we think about endoscopy and allow us to provide better patient outcomes. The EVIS X1 provides a combination of diagnostic and therapeutic innovation, alongside proven technologies to streamline and improve endoscopic procedures.

Commitment to Infection Control

In 2021 Brisbane Endoscopy Services, and Southside Endoscopy Centre installed the latest endoscope reprocessing solutions. The latest model of the market leading Soluscope Sprint Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor was installed at both centres, with a guarantee that when the next model becomes available our hospitals will be some of the first in line to upgrade our units.

To complete our reprocessing system both hospitals also invested in the latest endoscope drying and storage solution, the Plasma Typhoon+ provided by Pentax Medical. Our hospitals were two of the first in Australia to install the second generation unit, released in December 2021. This award winning novel technology provides rapid drying of endoscopes, and safe storage times that well exceed current Australian standards.

EMEA_PRO-P_PlasmaTYPHOON and PlasmaBAG system_12.2021.jpg
Sustainable practices

We are committed to providing quality endoscopy services that not only care for our patients, but the environment too. Our facilities are always actively seeking improvements in reducing our environmental footprint. We currently recycle our cardboard and paper, soft and hard plastics, batteries and are working towards PVC plastic recycling when this becomes available. We also work with our suppliers to ensure that where possible packaging is minimal and made from recyclable materials.

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